10th June 2018

All the scores of the Phoenix Postal Leagues 2019A are now available.

18th March 2019

Bench Rifle Report - March 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The results are in for the Winter League and we have again done really well, taking a 3rd place in Div 3 with Graham, a 1st Heather 2nd Tony and 3rd David in Div 4 well shot to you all.

Overall Shooting is improving across the Division, so let's hope there will be more medals again in the Summer League which is starting very soon, details to follow.

We have had an amazing entry for the Summer League an "AMAZING 19" which includes 6 new entries.

This has now ment that Friday night openings to shoot the Bench Rifle Compitions has started to become popular thanks to Jerome for opening the range "for me", Saturday morning again is very busy but all manage to shoot their targets.

A special thanks to Russ and Danny for the new lights down the range, this should improve our shooting even more.

A big thanks to Graham "Our Club Captain" who has obtained a good stock of ammo at a very good price. Keep it up Graham.

For a bit of Fun I have invented "The One Hundred Club" no not age but scoring ability, medals will be presented for both the Summer League and Winter League for the person who scores the most 💯 targets, if there's a draw then there will be a count back to the person with the most X's scored.

Finally Good Luck to you all.

Continued Good Shooting. 😁


6th March 2019

Hi Guys,

With many new members buying their first rifle with a nice new scope, how does one zero the rifle? First things first. Scope rings come in different heights - low, medium and high - so one needs rings of a height that gives clearance to the front lens, but still enables the shooter to be able to have a good weld between the stock and their cheek.

The scope must also be upright. Check your eye relief. There should be about three to four fingers between the rear lens and your eye. Look at a white background and adjust the rear lens so that the cross hairs are sharp, adjust front lens to 20/25 yds.


The club has a zeroing target for use on range one. Fix a gallery target (single bull). Then at about 10 yards fire five rounds. It helps if you have someone with you to spot the fall of shot. Adjust sight to bring shots to the centre. Move back to 20/25 yds and from a bench with the rifle supported proceed to fire a group of three rounds. Adjust the sight to bring the group to the centre. If necessary repeat until you are happy that your group is centred.

Please make sure you are happy with your zero before going on to shoot on competition target boards. This applies especially when shooting on prone or BR target boards as they can easily be damaged.

See you at the range.

— Graham

1st March 2019

Hi guys,

The big news is membership has now reached fifty! I'd like to welcome all new members and say this is your club whether you've been with us a few months or many years. We have a long history going back to 1900. Would anyone be interested in doing research into the club's history bringing it up to date?

Ed and Dan will soon be working on making a video of the club so you may be on YouTube! By the time you shoot next week the range lighting will be renewed. This should be of great help to the prone guys as well as the BR shooters .

Both the Gallery and prone competitions are well underway. Roger is keeping us up to date with the prone results. A reminder: Round five of the Phoenix is due by 14/4.

I believe the BR comps start in two weeks. Tony tells me there are nineteen entries!!

Members seem to be enjoying the tea and coffee. Thanks for the donations of biscuits. Don't forget to donate towards the cost of the tea and coffee.

See you at the range.

— Graham

1st January 2019

Here are winners of the Phoenix 2018B league.

We have medals winners in divisions 1 to 8 showing the improvement over the years, 15 medals in all.

I will be giving out result sheets from Wednesday onwards. You will find all our scores on our results page together with results in the prone and BR leagues.

Entries are now due for Phoenix 2019A - still £5 per competition. These must be in by 16/1/2019.

If you have anything to sell please advertise on the club email. All we ask is a 5% donation!

Happy New Year and good shooting!

— Graham

17th December 2018

Reward for the Phoenix gang 100 mince pies and a glass of wine .

These guys are past it and should be approached with caution, a sudden fright could give them a heart attack!!

Dept. Marshal

G.C. King

Chepstow territory

30th November 2018

Members who shoot BR gathered together on Friday for the summer league prize giving. The trophies were presented by the BR coordinator Terry Tomas it was good to meet up as with postal shoots we rarely see one and another.

We have only been shooting BR for two years but it has a big following and it's good to see us having some success.

— Graham King, Club Captain

4th July 2018

Our results for the Phoenix Postal Leagues 2018A are now available. Congratulations to our winners!

29th June 2018

Mel Dickinson 1944 - 2018

In June we said "goodbye" to Mel Dickinson who will be greatly missed by all.

Although Mel had been a member of the Chepstow Rifle Club for only five years many of us had known him a lot longer through the Ley Park Pheasant Shoot where he was both secretary and treasurer for many years.

Mel was a guy of great charm and loved being involved in conversation. No one could spin a yarn like Mel, especially if the subject turned to fishing!

He was a great believer in share and share alike as those shooting next to him discovered. All targets were there to be shot no matter whose target they were!

When our turning targets were in the prototype stage they frequently broke down. Mel came up with the solution, he tied a broom handle to the operating rope, sat down and turned the targets by pulling on the broomstick. Henceforth he was known as "Punkah Wallah", which made him chuckle.

We all have our own memories of Mel. Mine is of him sitting in the range, laughing & pulling that "Bloody Broomstick".

R.I.P. Mel.

— Graham King

27th June 2018

All the scores of the Phoenix Postal Leagues 2018A are now available.

21st May 2018

Winter Bench Rifle Competition.

Having now finished our very first entry into the Welsh Bench Rifle Competition League, I can report some excellent shooting by our members.

Being new to the sport Chepstow members went on a shopping spree: new BR Rifles, bipods, rests and all different types of ammunition, all to achieve their best scores.

Well done to all for their dedication and the cost which I can say has resulted in three medals. Outstanding for our first attempt. They were achieved in Division 4:

And a special congratulations to all who have made this a enjoyable event. We are now at the beginning of The Summer League Competition which again requires 4 targets per month over 5 months, lots of shooting. Good luck to all let's have more medals.

Well done!

Continued good shooting!

BR Captain.😁

22nd March 2018

The results for the Wales & Mon 2017/2018 Postal Competition are now available. Very pleased to report that Chepstow prone rifle team were third in their league, a very good effort.

2nd March 2018

Long time Chepstow Rifle Club member John Llewellyn died on the 2nd of March. Here are some thoughts from Russ Jackson:

Hi all,

I can’t begin to tell you how saddened I am at the passing of John LL. John and I have been friends since the late 70’s when we both joined Chepstow Rifle Club in the same week. He was among just a handful of us who through enthusiasm and a willingness to “do one’s bit” got Chepstow RC into a new age with a new range and many new members. John took on the thankless task of Club Treasurer - a role he “failed” to pass on to someone else for more than 25 years ! During this time we enjoyed all the pleasures of smallbore shooting in our Club and at many local open competitions. Together we also started to expand our interests in Fullbore shooting and in the mid 80’s entered the Welsh Open at Bisley for the first time followed soon after by joining the WRA and becoming fully involved with the Welsh team. It wasn’t long before John took on the role of WRA Treasurer and continued to be fully committed to the Association alongside his input to Chepstow RC.

We enjoyed many years in Club, County and International activities including of course the Imperial Meeting.

John with our contingent of Monmouthshire shooters had many hugely enjoyable years in our second home at Queen’s Lodge in Bisley including Astor Competitions and County Team Tours to Germany. I’m sure that many of our Canadian friends will have fond memories of being “billeted” at Cwrt yr Gaer during many weekends for our annual International.

Never one to shirk his obligations John continued to support Club and Country even with gradually failing mobility and following retirement from actually shooting became a Range Officer for the Imperial Meeting. This allowed him a continued involvement in the sport and close contact with friends from many years past. His stories of times past are legend and I’m sure everyone of you will have fond memories of your time spent in his company.

Saethu da

Regards, Russ Jackson

26th February 2018

Our results for the Phoenix Postal Leagues 2017B are now available. Congratulations to our winners!

10th January 2018

Some of our shooters went to the Abergavenny rifle club for a friendly return competition. Here are the results:

Chepstow RC & Abergavenny RC Friendly 2018

11th December 2017

All the scores of the Phoenix Postal Leagues 2017B are now available.

6th November 2017

The scores for the first 5 rounds of the Phoenix Postal Leagues 2017B are now available.

26th August 2017

Our results for the Phoenix Postal Leagues 2017A are now available. Congratulations to our winners!

22nd July 2017

All the scores of the Phoenix Postal Leagues 2017A are now available.

18th February 2017

Our results for the Phoenix Postal Leagues 2016B are now available. Congratulations to our winners!

18th January 2017

Some shooters from the Abergavenny rifle club came to visit us for a friendly competition. Here are the results:


9th January 2017

The club's new year party this year had a gangster theme!

More photos in the gallery.

19th December 2016

All the scores of the Phoenix Postal Leagues 2016B are now available.

20th October 2016

The scores for the first 5 rounds of the Phoenix Postal Leagues 2016B are now available.

6th July 2016

Our results for the Phoenix Postal Leagues 2016A are now available.

8th June 2016

All the scores of the Phoenix Postal Leagues 2016A are now available.

18th April 2016

The scores for the first 5 rounds of the Phoenix Postal Leagues 2016A are now available.

6th January 2016

The club's new year party this year had a western theme, to start 2016 off with a BANG!

More photos in the gallery.

4th December 2015

The scores for the last four rounds of the Phoenix Postal Leagues 2015B are now available.

13th October 2015

The scores for the first five rounds of the Phoenix Postal Leagues 2015B are now available.

23rd September 2015

The club has had a good year to date:

20th February 2015

The club had great success in the 2014/2015 winter league. No less than eleven medals were won. These are the best results the club has achieved since we started shooting in the league four years ago.

14th August 2014

Some of our gallery shooters just received their results for the last Phoenix postal league competition. Several of us did quite well in their respective divisions.