The club early history


Shooting took place in various Inns and on Outdoor Ranges in the Chepstow area. In the late 1920’s, Chepstow Rifle Club were allowed by the Military to use their indoor small-bore range situated in the Drill Hall yard, Chepstow.

In 1967 Chepstow U.D.C. purchased the Drill Hall, the Range and other buildings, but the club was allowed to continue using the Range, along with the Air Training Corps. And we continued using their Range until we moved to the Old Chepstow Fire Station, and built our own indoor range in 1986.

Chepstow Rifle Club’s centenary year

Members of Chepstow Rifle Club celebrated its centenary in November 2000, the second oldest rifle club in the U.K., missing out on being the oldest club by just 6 months! The club has been active during the entire 114 years of its life, even during the war years. We are still very active in small-bore and full bore rifle, with some current members shooting both these disciplines for the Welsh national teams.

We also shoot black powder pistols and full-bore rifle at other dedicated ranges.

In 1975, the National Small Bore Rifle Association awarded the club it’s Golden Award in recognition of 75 unbroken years of shooting sport and the club also received congratulations on it’s Centenary.

The club was formed by Chepstow man Fred Hammond and the continued success lies in evidence today with the membership list spans the generations from 14 years old to 84 years old.

Club 75th anniversary article in the Chepstow Gazette